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Local Walks

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority created the 'Every Barn Tells a Story; project as a way of celebrating the stories and history of the cowhouses of Muker parish. They worked with the Keld Resource Centre, local businesses and individual members of the local communtiy to record memories and share what they learned.  The project was funded with grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust. 
Find out more about the project on their blog
Every Cow'us tells a story


You'll notice throughout these walks we call fields barns by their their local name 'cowhouse', or'cow'us' in the Swardle dialect.
1. Keld Circular via Angram: with an optional route to Ravenseat and back
2. Keld to Angram and Back: Summer pastures and monastic meadows.
3. Keld to Muker and back: Ancient trackways and deserted houses.
4. Keld to Thwaite and back: Medieval fields and Scandinavian settlers.

5. Muker to Calvert Houses and Back: Meadows and unmusical imps.

6. Muker to Thwaite and back: Old Norse names and historical graffiti.

Here is a link to the online shop at Yorkshire Dales National Park, so visitors at Greenlands can buy their own set in a plastic wallet in advance of their visit.
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