Greenlands B&B Keld Yorkshire Dales
Terms and Conditions 
We hope you enjoy your stay with us and keep coming back as others do!
Please read the following. If there is something you then need to discuss, please do so. We will do our best to be flexible.
Terms and Conditions of booking at Greenlands B&B Keld Yorkshire Dales.
The client agrees:
  1. Guests failing to arrive, without notification, may be responsible to a charge equivalent to the total reservation price.
  2. Bookings commence 3:00 pm on the day of arrival, terminating 10:00 am on the day of departure.  Arrival times are between 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm. If you require an earlier check in please let Us know.
  3. Covid-19. UK (England) Government guidance states

    People staying in accommodation that have symptoms of COVID-19
    If a guest is displaying signs of the COVID-19 virus while staying in overnight accommodation for a permitted reason, they should inform the accommodation provider, immediately self-isolate where they are to minimise any risk of transmission, and request a test. If they are confirmed to have COVID-19, they should return home if they reasonably can. They should use private transport but only drive themselves if they can do so safely. If a guest cannot reasonably return home (for example because they are not well enough to travel or do not have the means to arrange transport), their circumstances should be discussed with an appropriate health care professional and, if necessary, the local authority.
    Guests should follow government guidance on dealing with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. Once the guest (and if appropriate their family) has finished the required self-isolation period and is no longer symptomatic, they should return to their main residence and continue to follow the government guidance on self-isolation, household isolation and social distancing."

    Therefore, whilst You are awaiting the results of the Covid-19 tests, or You are subsequently unable to arrange to return home,
    a) You will be liable to pay for ALL extra nights’ accommodation and meals.
    b) You will self-isolate in the room. Meals and drinks will be delivered to the door.
    c) You will be responsible for cleaning Your room, making Your own bed and placing any rubbish from bins in a sealed bag outside Your door.
    d) Upon departure We will provide a bag for used bed linen and towels. You will be responsible for bagging Your bed linen / towels.

  4. No persons in excess of the number agreed at the time of booking are to occupy the room.  Breach of this rule will terminate the contract without recompense to the client.
  5. We reserve the right to terminate the visit of any person whose conduct is detrimental to the comfort of others. Please respect other guests and keep noise to a minimum after 10:00 pm.
  6. No pets are to be brought into Greenlands B&B Keld Yorkshire Dales.  Except Guide Dogs.
  7. In the unlikely event that We have to cancel the reservation due to circumstances beyond our control, We will provide a full refund of monies paid. No further financial claims will be considered.
  8. No liability shall be accepted by Us for loss, damage or theft of personal property belonging to guests, either in the property or in/to cars, bicycles or other vehicles left on the property. Nor shall liability be accepted by the owners for accident or injury to guests, either within the property or outside.
  9. Guests are liable for any breakages, damages or loss to Our property. These must be reported as soon as they occur. We reserve the right to charge for Damages or Loss at full replacement cost. 
  10. We are happy to return items of lost property that have been left following departure. However, there will be a minimum charge of £5.00 to cover postage and packaging.
  11. You have access to the B&B and your room 24 hours a day throughout your stay.
  12. All packed lunches, evening meals, drinks and laundry costs will be paid for on the morning of departure.
  13. Please do inform Us as soon as possible if you have a complaint with your accommodation, or if you find that anything is faulty within the accommodation that needs our attention, so that We can assist and repair or make alternative arrangements. Due to the limited period of hire, it may not be possible to repair such items during the period of hire.
  14. Please ensure that you have your own travel insurance as We do not provide this.
  15. Wi-Fi is provided free of charge however We cannot always guarantee a consistent service.
  16. No candles or naked flames are permitted in the property.
  17. Smoking and non-vaping is NOT permitted within any part of Greenlands B&B Keld Yorkshire Dales. Please note that offending guests may be asked to leave immediately and may be liable for professional cleaning of any rooms and any outstanding balance of nights booked but not taken through early departure.
  18. Any data gathered during the course of this booking may be held on file but will not be disclosed to any third parties.
Prices are for accommodation and breakfast only. Additional charges may apply for the provision of other goods or services.
All published rates are inclusive of VAT at the current rate.
Additional Services
Cycle storage
We offer free cycle storage. Any bikes left in the storage are left at your own risk and we strongly suggest that you are fully insured. We do not accept any liability for cycles locked in our storage room. You may of course bring a lock and lock your bike as an additional precaution.
Evening Meal Reservations
We are pleased to offer our guests the facility to dine in. Please telephone or email Four days in advance to book an evening meal and notify us of any special dietary requirements. All meals are homemade and are prepared on the day.  Without pre-ordering, we will unfortunately not be able to provide a meal on the day of arrival.
As Evening Meals are purchased for and prepared to order, if an order is placed and cancelled after 12 noon on the day of dining or not taken for any reason, the full cost of the meal will remain payable.
Evening meals are subject to availability.
Laundry Service
Laundry per washing machine load (including drying) Items for washing must be given Us by 7.0pm on the night of arrival if staying one night. We take no responsibility for any damage to laundry.