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Herriot Way

The Herriot Way walk involves a total of approximately 52 miles (84 km) with an overall height gain of around 7,700 feet (2,350 m) and an equal amount of descent of course, as it is a circular walk.
The toughest section is likely to be the day that includes the ascent of Great Shunner Fell and although this involves a long steady climb, it is not steep, the path is generally good and is even paved for long sections to protect the peat bogs.
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The walk is designed around the four villages of Aysgarth, Grinton, Keld and Hawes and as such is generally considered to be a four day walk. This four day itinerary also means the walk is broken down into four equal stages of about 13 miles (21 km) each day.

The traditional starting point of the Herriot Way is Aysgarth, but many walkers start at Keld.

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